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First I want to say that my English isn't fluent but despite this i still try to make this English info site also, if there is some unclear points please contact me by email at 

Ratareisi is 24h bicycle endurance event which is held on Alastaro racetrack

Event is held 23.-24.6 at Alastaro racetrack. Track is 2.97 km long there is no hills, asphalt is smooth and in good condition. 

Different tours

Ratavarvas: 25 laps around track in 24h

Ratapohje: 50 laps around track in 24h 

Ratareisi: 100 laps around track in 24h

Ratatiimi: 100 laps around track in 24h with 2-4 person team. 

Ratakreisi: 200 laps around track in 24 


09:00 sign up and mandatory bicycle inspection starts

11:15 sign up and mandatory bicycle inspection ends

12:00 Riding starts!

13:45-14:00 extra opportunity to sign up

15:45-16:00 extra opportunity to sign up

17:45-18:00 extra opportunity to sign up

12:00 Ridin ends

For safety reasons all riders must wear helmet and all bicycles have to be checked before riding to be sure that they have working brakes and are safe to ride. Because we don't have time take sign ups all the time we hope that you can come in time for the morning sign up. If you don't make it for morning sign up you can come in some of extra sign ups.

Becouse it is mid summer at Finland there is enough light trough the night to ride without a bike light 

Registration and registration fee

You can registrate to our event by paying registration fee to our bank account FI 6814393000119555 write in the message field your own name and email adress.

Registration fees:


If you want take part on team event all of your team members must register as described above and the team will be formed when signing up at the event day.

Other information

There is rental cottages near the track where you can stay, here is some links to those

You can also camp with your tent or caravan etc. at racetrack where you can find wc, shower, electricity and sauna. The pits are open from 22.6 to 24.6 so you can come day before the race.


This isn't very big event and there may not be all of the services that you are accustomed to in other events. Last year there was 100 riders and for this year we are expecting about 60-120 riders. If there is something you want to ask feel free to contact us by email or at facebook

There is short video from 2014 event

and pictures from last years event. photos by Timo Kananoja

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  1. I’m working with the officials in my town to see if we can do an event like this. Thank you for the inspiration